Part 2: Seeing the President of Turkmenistan holding the small dog roughly, President Putin expressed his concern and ran to do this action.

The little dog is a gift from Turkmenistan’s President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the occasion of the Russian leader’s 65th birthday. Undeniably a lover of pets, especially dogs, Mr. Putin clearly showed his anxious eyes when he saw his colleague grabbing the dog’s throat raised high. Without waiting any longer, he […]

The panda’s aggressive behavior when the paper took the bottle from him.

A video that was recently posted caused a lot of controversy and danger when he raised a wild panda cub.Many pet lovers dream of exoticism. Recently, domestic pandas have become increasingly known. This amazing animal has increased activity and high intellectual ability. However, you should not trust entirely the submissiveness and affection of the panda. […]