When the fathers are at home taking care of the children and the children end up funny

People used to say that “girls are the lovers of my previous life” so this life is often close and intimate.
For many mothers, assigning their children to the husbands to look after, there must be 7-8 parts worried by “difficult” situations.
People who sleep no matter where the rollers go, people who let me sit in the closet and play games, surf smartphones,etc.

Because every home, every scene, no family resembles a family, the funny stories of your babysitting keep coming up.
It is not strange to see a mother “crazy” her daughter with enough “diseases” such as “addiction” shopping for her child, considering her to be the most adorable baby in the world or her mother going away just hoping to quickly return to her child.
But recently, a father with a “crazy” attitude is no less than a mother who plays in the same line of toys with her son, even brushes lipstick, wears a dance dress to make funny faces for her to have fun and cause a fever of residents online.

According to the video, the man did not know what to talk to his daughter, so he made extremely bad faces to make the baby laugh, at first he was startled, then he smiled with joy at his father’s joke.
The great emotional scene between the two of them made the viewer laugh too.
Many people even wish their husband would take care of their children like this. Not only did he take care of his child with his wife, he was also very willing to play with his child with girls such as groceries, dolls, cooking, disguising, dancing.

“Many days I was playing the phone, I saw it, I had to put my phone away to play with you. Going to buy clothes and utensils for me also asked to follow me, afraid I had to buy bad clothes.
I made him paint lipstick, tie his hair when playing makeup, he also indulged “, she laughed and told about her husband “fanatical” son.
He loved all the ink, so the baby also wrapped and stuck to him more than ever. When you are 1 year old, you intend to buy insurance for your baby. Seeing that his wife seemed right, he said, “Just buy insurance for me, along with many fasting and spending to pay for me.”

>>>Link video : https://www.facebook.com/113049211627289

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