Two boxers have a fight that makes the stands explode.

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In recent days, this video has been widely spread on social networking sites and newspapers about the duel between two foreign boxers. If you are a boxing fan, you will know this match.

As we all know is a martial art and combat sport between two people, originating from the West, using punches from the arms combined with moving the legs, head and torso, often wearing protective gloves household family.

Protective gear and other protective gear such as gloves and jaw guards, tooth and belly guards, hurling punches into an opponent’s upper body for a specified amount of time in a square or rectangular arena Japan rectangular shape, designed with elastic sole and quad ligament, is called boxing ring.

The term is derived from the French name which is a combination of right hand technique and the name of England, where the sport is popular in modern times.

Currently, the international name of this subject is boxing, which in English means boxing. Boxing is divided into amateur boxing and professional boxing.

Amateur boxing is part of many sporting events around the world, including the Olympics. It is the standard sport in most international sports tournaments — and it also has its own world championship.

Boxing has its own set of rules that are overseen by the referee for certain time frames, the one- to

three-minute intervals known as rounds.

In a match, the winner may be decided before the end of the round when the referee considers that the opponent is no longer able to continue playing, disqualifies or the opponent requests a loss.

When the match ends at the end of the last round with both opponents still standing, the referee’s scorecard will determine the winner.

In the event that both fighters receive an equal number of points from the referee, the professional match is considered a draw.

In Olympic boxing, because the winner must be announced, there is no tie, so the referees will decide the winner based on technical criteria.

When the man raised his hand to draw a line on his neck as if challenging his opponent, both were too tired but still refused to give up.

He suddenly threw a punch that stunned the opponent, then he had a reaction that caused this guy to fall causing this guy to faint on the spot and as a result that guy victory.

The video has received a lot of comments from netizens, this is an extremely tense and thrilling match. Spectators enjoyed watching this match:

“Best finish ever!! Great to see 2 games against Shawn and 2 games against HHH as best games of all 3 of their careers”

“The person in charge is the best! My favorite”

“One of the best matches ever!! Thank you HBK and ‘Taker.”

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