Tingling his heart as a choking child shed tears as he heard a song from his mother.

The post-published video made everyone faint when they saw the sweetness of a choking crying child,two rows of glittering tears falling on her eyes.

The fact that a 3-year-old child expresses her feelings when she hears a sad song from her mother, this song that she may have engraved in her heart ,she has lost something too big,when she speaks in a sweet and touching voice,in the eyes of that boy is glittering and has reminded her of a blackness.

Then she had slowly raised her voice softly and in that voice it was really a bit choked as she sang, the young Reverend had slowly flushed and shed tears then couldn’t contain the child who cried loudly.
It was really the tone of her voice that shook him. Not the song. Nobody seems to really know why, but most people think it’s just an emotional baby response.

The expression of the child makes the online community love him or her when there is an emotion of a 3-year-old child that makes everyone tingle and choke because of his or her actions and not because of a song.
“So sweet and affectionate. I’m still crying with a song my mother used to sing for me.”
” Slow and sad is what makes him cry. Embrace me and sing happy songs to me … I am sure you are a wonderful mother who loves your child very much. ❤️”
“I think they’re choking because it’s their mother and if she sang for them in the wound, he’s remembering.”


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