These videos piss me off like why yell at the employee doing their job . .They didn’t create the damn policy

In the country, there are two governments in power and people on two different fronts. It will have shortcomings in life and two political parties that exist in parallel and independently create two contradictory streams of opinion among the people in the country.
Anything. I’m not a racist. Systemic racism persists and that’s why an organization like BLM receives a lot of traction and donations. Unfortunately blm when an organization has stolen huge sums of money and bought houses, cars and furniture. Don’t think we can afford to buy ourselves racism-free. I support all of you. Especially those who are treated unfairly.

I say F blm and I mean that particular organization because of what they did to the ordinary people who donated to them. This is an old video, by the way. She said Trump 2020.
We need to end systemic racism, and the BLM is not the organization to do that.
I like the way people are submissive and easily convinced by what others say. We actually had a resident living for a president, but people still hate Trump because he would tell others how the world actually works. I’d rather have a pumpkin for a president since the pumpkin really cares about the people.

Can actually give a little tweet and $1.25 in gas right now. You all need to grow up and stop living with your fake world.
She doesn’t know she’s in business so they can refuse to do business with anyone! What a clown🤡🤡🤡. He’s discriminating against the Black Lives Matter! I swear I like this outfit.😜😂😂😂
Forwarded. I hope you will. Have a good day. I’m not going to waste my time, we know this girl is racist and has nothing to do with the Black Lives Matter you chose to make. Thank you so much!

We haven’t seen the whole video yet, but you should never act like it, and I applaud the staff for calming her down.
“… this is America…. I don’t have to do what you say… ′′′. Haha — that sums up American society these days. These people don’t understand that America still has rules. Freedom without = “I don’t have to follow the rules”.

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