The young man had a landing incident that caused an injury.

Parachuting is the action sport consisting of jumping out of a plane or other flying instrument in the air and falling back to Earth with the help of gravity while using a parachute to slow down the movement of an object through an atmosphere by creating drag,

or in the case of air-dependent tempering, aerodynamic lifting. The parachute jump begins with a free fall for a certain time after leaving the plane or balloon, the speed of the fall increases steadily and the parachute jumper expands at a certain height above the ground.

Someone who has done this parachute game is probably someone who loves to challenge the adventurous disciplines and has to have a lot of skills to challenge them.
During the landing, he landed earlier than expected, so he was exposed to strong force on the ground and the second time he was exposed to a water hole that had caused him to fall and slam his legs up.

In the distance, there were two men waiting to be able to assist him but he landed early.An interview study also showed how paratroopers were exposed to a very high risk of injury and were really dangerous.

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