The woman showed strange expression after putting stones on her teeth

The video shares a picture of a woman putting stones on her teeth.

Attaching stones is an aesthetic dental method that uses precious stones, small diamonds attached to teeth to help bjan possess a charming smile, attract and shine. The technique of attaching stones to teeth is applied used at many cosmetic addresses, it becomes a “hot” beauty trend among young people. With this technique, the stone with the right color and size will be attached to the teeth quickly.

With stones or diamonds, dentists will apply a durable adhesive to your teeth that increases your charm, attracts you and gives you a beautiful kiss. What’s more, sticking stones in your teeth
help you increase your class.

Stones are one of the aesthetic dental services that many people choose today when they want to make their smile more radiant. However, the stone engagement only achieved aesthetic effect.
aesthetics are high in the cases below:
The white teeth are beautiful, not broken, the teeth are bright
The teeth are not worn, the enamel is hard, the teeth are strong
In case of oral problems, it is necessary to treat them thoroughly before attaching stones

If the teeth are arcuate, the method of stoning should not be applied. Doctors will conduct thorough treatment of oral pathologies then choose a safe method of staking
in order to provide the highest aesthetic results.

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