The squirrel ran away in the presence of the man, causing the audience to argue.

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The video recorded a scene of a squirrel running fast running forward when he saw a man running after

him in the back, he only chased to return this cuteness but it seems the squirrel This guy mistakenly

thought he had bad intentions with her, so the squirrel ran away.

After running for a while, the squirrel was chased by him, so he spread his legs to resist, then quickly

stood up, as if begging for his life.

The video makes viewers very excited when the squirrel has such an action and face, many people also express their love for this squirrel. Some comments expressed their views:

“Then stood up like he wasn’t just screaming for his life lol”

“I almost lost my temper there”

When he stopped and saw that he had no ill intentions, the squirrel stood up, making viewers laugh, some netizens even joked that he scared the squirrel with this chase.

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