The recklessness of Andy Lewiskhi, one of the pioneers of the use of this adventurous device.

He likes to jump away from the cliffs, slide and perform in the middle-half shows of the Super Bowl with Madonna … Yes, you can remember him from the Super Bowl XLVI when he introduced mainstream media about downhill. He was a pioneer in this field, and he was also GoPro OG, who was famous for his dangerous tricks and mixes that made your knees soak and your palms sweat. It’s no wonder where his nickname comes from.

From the days GoPro HD was born to date, he has brought GoPro with him on all his crazy adventures and has repeatedly been awarded prizes for his GoPro submissions, but he says nothing compares to being selected for GoPro’s Million Dollar Challenge. They contacted him to find out more about how he had hung himself on a grid hundreds of meters high in the air to hand in the Million Dollar Challenge.

Andy Lewis: I started using GoPro for the first time in 2005, and I used every HERO camera that was released. For me, GoPro is an essential product for shooting anything at a professional level. The use of GoPro’s hand-mounted cameras, selfie sticks, povs and drones has always been part of everything I do.
GoPro is actually the main tool I use to collect media and share my adventures. It is also the main part of any TV shows or featured ads that I participate in.

Now, it’s a familiar name and for good reason, as GoPro has been providing constant support for events, fundraising, sports and athletes-including me for many years. And now, in the Million Dollar Challenge, it’s great to see a company paying off!
His journey awakens to risk, and as he descends a little further down, he seems to be stuck in a safe on the side of those two big rocks. He was very reckless when he was playing golf, and maybe he would follow it to the end about this adventurous and novel experience that made him more and more interested.

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