The panda’s aggressive behavior when the paper took the bottle from him.

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A video that was recently posted caused a lot of controversy and danger when he raised a wild panda cub.
Many pet lovers dream of exoticism. Recently, domestic pandas have become increasingly known. This amazing animal has increased activity and high intellectual ability. However, you should not trust entirely the submissiveness and affection of the panda. A pet that is naughty, even at home, is unlikely to escape its “animal” instinct completely.

In the video, a raccoon whose body was like a puppy was raised by him in a paper box,then he made a bottle of milk and brought it to him for a drink,maybe he was able to chew it somewhere on the road and couldn’t see it being left behind.

He had put the bottle in his mouth,he yanked up all of a sudden and bit the top of his mouth to drink,he reacted with fear, he didn’t know what was going on in the box on his face. And when he tasted that milk, it came out. But she’s a good person to try to help that wild panda. But be careful in case he gets sick.

They’re a raccoon! Panda are not known for their warmth and affection for humans (especially if they are born/live in the wild). Sure, there are one or two people who are fine with humans, but overall, do you believe in the world’s number one predator overall?
That panda is not mean, it’s just scared. He was taken from all he knew. He doesn’t trust you and acts defensively because that’s all he knows. Give it a reason to trust him and just in time it may appear.
Some comments argue harshly when they see the actions of that panda:

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