The girl finally made her decision in the face of a police deterrent

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The video is an image of a girl recreating her story when she was kicked out of the house by her mother, she was 14 years old, her mother told her to leave and she obeyed her mother to leave. But then her mother was Call the police and bring her home. When she met her, the police warned her not to leave like that or she would have to go to jail, the girl explained that it was because her mother told her to go out that she left, but the police still did not believe it and repeated that she must not leave home like that despite her explanation. She assumed that she had really listened to her mother’s words.

After the video was posted, it quickly attracted a lot of attention and comments from everyone, many people felt sympathy for the girl and they also had similar stories happened to them.

Some people share:

“I’ve been through that. My friends mom ended picking me up from time to time. She finally kicked me out for good at 19. I’m 27 now and we don’t speak 🤷‍♀️’
“Same but instead of calling the police because she knew I’d tell them exactly what happened she called grandpa to save her ass 🙂”

“Got to the point I called the cops myself and tried calling dhs so I didn’t get in trouble for leaving but the cops just picked me up and dropped me off on the corner down the street and told me next time don’t answer the door if they come looking for me.”
“I was kicked out way too many times literally I got in trouble because I was told I wasn’t allowed in the house so I went somewhere every since my dad passed away then when I lived with my aunt she kicked me out for vaping 17 days before my 18th birthday and when I pack a tote and had someone on the way to get me she called the cops And they said if I leave and she made me under her custody we would both go to jail So 17 days later I was gone woke up and was gone 8am took what I payed for and some clothes I didn’t (other than the giant tote, I didn’t pay for it myself but had it forever I don’t remember who payed for it) she “borrowed” $1000 dollars from me and never gave it back”

“My grandma did the same exact thing to me when I was 16 🙃”
“BS!!! My mom kicked me out at 13 n tried to have me brought back. They checked on me where I was n told her I was safe. I was 2 streets down at a friend’s who’s mom ended up keeping me!”
“My mom did this all the time. She threw a garbage bag at me and said whatever isn’t in the bag in 10 minutes is getting thrown out. Then she called my grandfather to come get me. I ended up living with him for 8 months. She never even bothered to call until she found out about my sister’s brain tumor”
“Same thing happened to me but my mom only threatened to call the cops and I was like “damn fine I’ll walk back home.””

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