The dog’s trick made netizens couldn’t help but laugh.

With the ability to play the piano, skateboard, balance on a ball and even jump hurdles, the dog, named

“peanut” by his owner, is a fan-favorite.

Peanut is a terrier, its owner is a girl who is also the one who discovered and trained it. This dog can grow banana trees, skateboard and walk on balls like a circus performer.

Sometimes he plays the piano with his master. In particular, with his high combat skills and skillful use of claws, he is capable of fighting with samurai swords.

After the video of Peanut’s performance posted online by his owner, attracted a large number of viewers, he became famous on both Japanese, American and Korean television.

Some entertainment companies have sent out offers to act in movies, hoping this genius dog will accept.

Viewers were extremely impressed by this talent of the dog, many even thought that the dog would

receive more fans when showing this, many people were fascinated by this talent and expressed their

love that feeling:

“So cute and adorable 🥰”

“Love it. Cute”

The video has attracted a lot of attention and attention from viewers, they feel this dog is too talented and they love it.

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