The black cat is highly enlightened when the child touches its feet.

A video that recently captured the actions of a child who had not been with a cat in the window had caused a lot of controversy. In the video, a 3-year-old girl stood by the window and a black cat was standing above the hallway.

When that child touches the black cat, she immediately taints the leg that she touches and puts it in the child’s head as if trying to warn her when she touches her leg.The cat just gives her the cork, they keep her nails from hurting her, just so the child learns.

Jerry has no other way of communicating his needs! The child (who is very nice) should be taught how to approach and respect the animal as young as possible or someone who might be hurt.
Jerry likes you better than take this baby, I don’t want to touch right now because you see what this baby is doing, I don’t want to be touched, take this.

The cat’s actions towards the child show that he is very alert to things around him and he doesn’t want to hurt her. It’s just a warning.After the child’s mother came and he saw her warning and dared not do anything to the child, a real cat knows what to do.
“You have to think before you let your daughter get close to the cat, you have to take a walk where she’s not old enough to be with the pet, the crazy old lady, you have to watch how uncomfortable the cat is!”
“The cat is warning the baby. You need to move your baby now. It’s your responsibility. “

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