Part 2: The policeman’s actions after being pranked by two boys.

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In the video, there are 2 guys driving close to the policeman’s car and playing pranks on him, he

mentioned the problem that his car door handle was broken, right after that this policeman checked the

car door lock and realized these two guys were playing a prank on me made him very angry.

The two young men after trolling that policeman felt very happy because of that joke. Moments later, the

officer came and spoke to the driver of this car, who said they were driving without their seat belts on and

this made them deserve a fine.

When this guy stepped forward and then the policeman took off this guy’s hat, it was this action that caused a lot of controversy online. Some comments expressed their views:

“It’s staged. Did anyone notice it’s not a police car???”

“he doesn’t drive a police car and he doesn’t wear a real uniform, what are you talking about”

Many people believe that he is pretending to be a policeman and is staging a scene for viewers to see, the video currently receives mixed opinions about this action of the policeman.

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