Part 2: The man who made the spoons disappear from the towel.

The video shows a man eating with his family, his grandchildren are eating and he says he will do a magic

trick to make the fork and spoon disappear.

Viewers couldn’t help but laugh. Their grandfather picked up the fork and showed it to them to prove he wasn’t cheating, then put all the spoons and forks in a towel and rolled it up.

After wrapping, he showed me that there was a spoon and fork in this towel, then he lifted the towel and turned it over and the surprise happened when there was no spoon in the towel and forked like what we first saw .

His grandchildren were amazed at this, not only that, but netizens were also surprised. Maybe he was a

real magician in his youth but there are also some netizens who think that while he was spinning the

towel, the spoon and fork fell on the chair behind and this should be done quickly to avoid detection by viewers. Some viewers commented:

” Lmfao next scene where the guys get poked in the eye with a fork”

“This is where I see myself in 20 years”

“I love grandpa¡!!!!!!!!!”

“The coolest thing I’ve seen in months lmao”

Viewers loved their grandfather very much, he brought this joy and surprise to everyone.

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