Part 2: “It was done on purpose with lots of witnesses”

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The video was posted by an account and received a lot of comments from netizens about the purposeful

action and just waiting for someone to fall into the trap, the video was recorded by the dash cam of the car.

He was running at normal speed, he ran for a while, there was a car parked there and opened the car door while he was running.

Fortunately, he was running at a slow speed, so he braked quickly, otherwise the other driver would have closed the door and fled.

It is remarkable that the people there came to witness very quickly, a group of people were already there and when something happened to them, they immediately witnessed.

However, that action has made viewers understand their bad intentions, they will take the opportunity to

have someone bump into the car door and those people will be witnesses to protect the person opening

the door car and then you will be the one who has to crash into someone else’s car. Some honest opinions express their tricks:

“I don’t know where this is, but where I live will be the one to open the door.”

“It’s a police reporting setup”

“Intentionally hitting him? The witness intentionally blamed the driver for the damage.”

Luckily, he has a dash cam and that will help him prove his innocence.

“You won’t be blamed because the camera showed you clearly and they opened the door for you”

“Best dash cam ever”

The video currently has top views and comments , they are very interested in this guy ‘s next move .

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