Part 2: Being fined by the traffic police for using a mobile phone while driving caused controversy on social networks.

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While we live a very fast-paced life, often having to do many things at once, some things are illegal to do at the same time.

One such thing is texting while driving. When you are operating a motor vehicle, you may also not be using your phone.

But how does an officer with a reasonable suspicion, known as probable cause, stop a vehicle while driving?

After all, it is very difficult to prove that you were texting by the time you were intercepted by law enforcement.

While it’s hard to say exactly how many problems are caused by texting, it’s very likely that the problem has been reported or under-reported.

This is because those who participate in it understand that it is against the law. Younger, less experienced drivers cause the majority of these crashes.

Unfortunately, it’s not ignorance that causes drivers to break the law. Rather, it is a lack of regard for the law.

While it may be difficult for the police to see you while texting, they can come up with enough viable reasons to stop you or have good reason to suspect criminal activity based on your behavior .

While texting while driving is generally considered an offence, it can still result in court fees and a $100 fine if you are convicted.

The girl in this video is the same, she was fined by the police for using her phone in traffic, she was fined by the police. Viewers also commented on this video:

“She was very disrespectful to the officer and seemed like she had a right. Believe me, I’m not one of those shoe lickers. I believe in anything that’s right no matter who it is.”

“The amount of people texting and driving right now is insane. I’d say about 85-90% of people do it on a daily basis.”

“The comments really explain the increase in crime. The little things turn into the big things. The law is simple. Society deserves it.”

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