Menace to Society

The video captures the image of a poet repairing his car and he is instructed by another person and his way of doing it makes the instructor feel anxious to do it
This is the process of socio-economic transformation in a community of people from a small capitalist economy (pre-industrial society) to an industrial economy.
Industrialization is part of the modernization process. This socio-economic transformation goes hand in hand with technological progress, especially the development of large-scale energy production and metallurgy.

Industrialization is also associated with changes in philosophical forms or changes in attitudes in the perception of nature.
The industrialization process always brings new and more modern ones and especially it serves as human needs in life.
Since time immemorial, it has been realized that without industry, the economy is not rich. Through industrialization, more resources are allocated to the industrial sector, which is the area where labor productivity is rapidly enhanced.

As a result, the economy will grow faster. However, along with the cycles of equipment investment, warehousing, industrialization make the economic cycle more clear.
As industry is characterized by large-scale production (mass production), it will need more inputs and more consumer markets, so industrialization makes domestic trade and international trade grow.
Developed industries attract more workers, increase their income but also make them easier to lose their jobs at the time of economic downturn or enterprise bankruptcy.

Imagine your a mechanic and think it’s a funny idea to stage such a video
The Geniuses of this next century you’ll be in space repairing the black holes or something with intelligence like that 😂😂☠️

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