Luna is the mother of 5 kittens and 1 rabbit :D

“I find baby, it my baby.”
This man posted a video of a small, new-born mother pack with the status:” Did you find the rabbit in the middle of this cat pack?”.

According to the video, he came home from work to check that his cat Luna had given birth. Luna is lying down to rest after her birth, while the kittens are safe.
When he heard the news, he learned that Luna had given birth to five snobby kittens, but after counting, he discovered a sixth member, a rabbit.

Maybe she found a baby bunny in its yard nest. Either let her raise it or take it back to the nest. Look for a patch of dead grass. Lift the dead grass to find the rabbit nest.
We had a cat that brought home a baby bunny. Kept it till it was old enough to go back to the wild and let it go.

Others also funny comments :
My chicken sat on a baby squirrel she found and his happy with her new baby. We do not mind as she is happy the squirrel is happy, the squirrel seems to like it as it keeps coming back and going under her..”
“Cats with newborn kittens will do.this. let the bunny nurse from the cat however take it away as eventually she realizes it is a prey animal. Get it to where it’s weaned then release it”
“That’s not a baby bunny either, it’s all out on its own (young, but not a baby)”
“We gotta make this voice go away. Fuckin ‘please. Any video that has this voice i immediately turn it off

>>>Link video :

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