How to put objects in the ball.

The video captures the image of the woman making the bubble and how giving her a quick fix will help her have less time-consuming ways to do it.
The video only invites for a few seconds we can see the woman’s way of doing things, the bubble is one of the popular decorations that people like and it appears a lot at parties and it’s considered a very popular decoration for life.

To start pumping the balloon, the woman is putting it in a box and then pumping the balloon up and putting all the stuff like little balls, flowers, and stuff in and then pumping it up and so that they can be organized and not mixed together.
The smart way of working will improve a lot at work to make it more convenient and faster, so it also saves a lot of time and helps the product creation process.

Thus, in the growing life, people also increase in demand for ornamental dress and a lot to the aesthetics of people.
The bubble is the same way that it is like the ornament inside it, and the child contains the surprises that the person who wants to surprise his relatives. Decorations are now popular with many young people and popular in life.

The fact that we make it ready is also a process in the video where we see the person selling the ball to make the ball quickly, which takes very little time, but it’s the modernity of the day.
When technology is not modern, people will have innovations in how to do it in the process of creating it.

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