How did the boy respond to the girl?

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The video after being posted on social media by the girl caused controversy among people about the story she shared, specifically on a walk in the park, because of the hot weather she was in.
she brought a rather thick coat again so she ran home quickly to remove the coat. On her way home she met a young man who called her a coat girl, and she was annoyed by it.

The boy kept bothering her with outside questions like her phone number and her marital status, he asked her if she was single, she answered decisively.
“No” and go on. She thought he wasn’t a good person so there was no need to be polite with people like that.
After watching the video, a lot of contradictory opinions were made, most people supported the girl’s way of doing things and criticized the boy with rude actions to one person boy. But many people also think that the girl did too much, when he just wanted to get to know her.

Some people’s comments:
“But you new he was like that from the start, so you walk past 1,000 men, and no one says anything to you, but then you meet the 1001 and then all the 1000 other men are like that too..”
‘Notice how she says we aren’t polite to men who cat Call us. Not the other 1000 they are chill but the cat callers, never good news. Women don’t hate men. We just hate the few bad apples doing disrespectful & scary shit.”

“The way you ended this just screams bullshit, just attention seeking for no reason, chances are it didn’t happen, you’re just trying to man shaming for fame.”
“I love how the majority of the comments are naysaying men. Probably the same men who cat call and hit on random women then complain that a good guy can’t win. 🤦”I love how the men are like ” nope, didn’t happen. She’s making it up” how would you know? Are you getting cat called by men on the street?”

“When all the men in the comments find out that this has happened to most women at least once in their lives regardless of how we chose to react to them. 🥴”
“but that’s not what she said. “That’s why we’re not polite to men who hit on us” she didn’t say cat call. She didn’t say in certain situations. She said men who hit on us. That means don’t hit on us because we won’t be nice to you. How is that ok?”

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