Horseshoe-like poisoning with long smooth hair streams dotting the ground

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These horses despite their short plush legs are extremely intelligent and have an irresistible romantic beauty.The Gypsy horse, also known as the Gypsy Vanner horse, is a gioogns horse that was bred by old Gypsies migrants. for towing cars and mobile homes. The characteristic of this breed is that they have a modest height and thick fur covering their body to withstand the cold weather.

Especially, the mane, tail and on their four legs grow very thick and long hairs, plunging to the ground.
It is because of these prominent hairs that they look romantic, especially when fluttered on the grasslands. But if not trimmed neatly, these hairs will grow long enough to cover their faces,
even entangled in the mouth while eating. This feather has two types, straight feathers and curly feathers. Straight bristles are usually slimmer and are easy to tangle with, so their owners must regularly groom and care for them.

Curly hairs are thicker, busier, and difficult to dry, so if after showering and not brushing, their skin is very susceptible to infection.
As for the legs, the fur will start to grow from under the pillow and cover the entire nail.
They come in many different colors, from white to black, chestnut brown, yellow and speckle.
To harmonize with the whole body, the back and neck of Gypsy horses are quite short, giving the impression of a beautiful short horse.

However, the intelligence, resilience, stamina, delicacy and sensuality of this breed are valued to be superior to any other breed of horse in the world.
Their temperament is also very healthy, as unprovoked as other horses, and very sweet, ready to obey their master.
It is because of their wisdom that Gypsy horses play a very important role in all spheres of Gypsy nomadic life with the current and future life.

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