His sarcastic and cluttered action in a live show has caused a lot of controversy…

Recently a video of male actor Carrey when talking about his girlfriend dying of suicide in a show caused a lot of controversy and the youngsters looked back and saw his way and judged it.
They weren’t together when she died. I’m pretty sure if it’s punishment for saying that nonsense, he’s in danger. Apparently, he’s making love to people.

He was talking about making a decision with a forest fire, do you REALLY believe that’s how a secret organization would do the crap? Sounds like the “warlocks” from King Of The Hill, haha. Or, Goth children who are meaningful and want to “Deal with Satan! ” Like, seriously.

You’re just looking for an explanation for the bullshit, this is serious. It’s like believing in God, because living without that crutch scares you to death.
Right or wrong. I’m just kidding. He’s obviously being sarcastic. He’s doing a little work. Do I think it could be true? Absolutely. It’s all possible. However, promising 100% punishment for this would be better than someone killing his ex-girlfriend.

We also want to say that there’s no way it’s not cut if it’s live, there’s no way it’s released if it’s taped. Critical thinking is important, my friends. THIS is not how this type of information will appear.
Some people have commented:
“The smile doesn’t even match what he says! You could say that they laughed in addition because nothing was funny when they laughed like that.”
“He doesn’t confirm anything, he’s making fun of people who believe in this.. low fruit hanging all over the place”
“Carrey was being ironic and it was parodying. He broke up with her or he broke up with her. Come on, be realistic.”


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