He was playing with his mouse when he saw it sticking out of the hanmmock hole.

The post-published video caught a lot of interest and sharing when he saw his pocket mice sticking out of the hanmmock hole and his actions made people laugh about the humor.
In the video, he kicked a stick with a silver-white hand made of iron,when he saw Syrian Hamsters sticking out of hanmmock holes.

He used that stick to bring vbaf to the revelation and make it tickle and shrink inward really adorable ,he was really happy to prank that Syrian Hamster,an old and very agile mouse in his bowl.

The Syrian Hamster is the most beloved pet, especially for children . They are 5 to 9 inches in length and have a life span of two to four years. Through selective breeding, you can find this hamster in a variety of colors and hair lengths, although they are usually golden brown and white.

The Syrian Hamster is the best species to handle. It is the easiest to tame , slowest of common pet hamsters and least likely to bite. Although obedient to humans, they are territorial to other hamsters and must always be alone.
They’ll fight if they’re in groups. Syrians are true to the essence of night life and rarely operate during the day. Early morning or late night is the best time to come into contact with this hamster.


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