Gueess who forgot their wrench in the truck.

The video captures the image of a man going back to his job and he’s looking for something.
his wrench was a very important job, and he certainly had a hard time doing it, which even though he paid me so much money, I didn’t dare do it .
The job of hanging yourself on a tower so high and so high that it definitely makes you panic and so difficult to do it.

a job where only people who love adventure are not afraid of altitude and can do it, but there’s not enough of you to find it more interesting than how far and in how many different directions it goes at the same time up to 10 feet in any direction at any time if I remember correctly.

But for those who want to have money to pay for life, whatever the job, they have to do it to have money to pay for life, whether the job is difficult or the job is between the boundary of life and death, which is a way for people to try to do it.

“I can’t do that. I don’t care how much you paid me. There’s no way I can go that high.”
“Lol you are sure not.. If you do a job like that then you’re certainly not stupid enough to forget your tools..”
I will never understand why people try to post reels like it’s their 😂😂😂own
“A pulley system would work great for that but I bet you’d be sitting there awhile.🤣”

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