Frozen 2 : For Bruni, just one person who understands and loves is enough

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The royal siblings of Arendelle became fan-fave characters with audiences both young and old after their magical adventures through the icy landscape of Scandinavia subverted the idea of what a fairy tale film could be. Whilst the sisters are the big draw, Frozen introduced a cast of solid supporting characters like Olaf, the sentient snowman, Kristoff, the sweet ice salesman, and Kristoff’s cute but somewhat stinky companion, Sven the Reindeer. Frozen 2 looks to be adding to that trend with a roster of new additions who each seem to bring something new to the ever-expanding mythology of Frozen.

A very cute iguana named Bruni. Looks like this is just the latest character on Disney’s list of cute creatures who would make stuffed animals so well, we have a theory that the inclusion of Bruni implies that he may play a more important role, possibly that of the unannounced Fire Spirit. Although the animators were tight-lipped about where Bruni would appear in the story, they were quick to share the creative motivation behind the animated lizard: making him the cutest thing possible. can!

“Our goal with this character was to make Bruni as adorable as possible… So he’s super cute,” Schwab shared. Animation Supervisor Trent Correy continued, “When Bruni came into animation, again, we were just working with Bill trying to make this character as adorable as possible.

So we started working on some little tests with him. Tests like these are used early on just to inform the rigging team, working with Bill and Modeling a lot just to get this character as appealing and cute as possible. At the same time, other animators on the crew are working on things like walk cycles, which are also super adorable.”

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