Careless mother doesn’t care about her child’s feelings. What do you think about this?

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Recently, on social networks, a video recorded a scene of a child crying and resentful when his mother scolded and disliked him.

This boy cried while telling his mother in the supermarket, the mother was very angry but because of the crowded place, she could not teach her son by actions, so she restrained and spoke softly very angry, very angry, annoyed.

But this boy was so frustrated that no one understood and not even his mother understood. He feels so lonely and frustrated that he screams and drives her crazy for his baby.

Many netizens also found it difficult to understand the actions of the two, many saying that the child’s mother did not educate her child from the beginning and that she was not a good mother.

Apparently the behavior is learned from the mother. She should learn how to be a parent. I wonder what she said before this boy said this.

Who is filming? You are also ashamed of you. He needs a responsible mother, The model is very respectful and compassionate, but she clearly isn’t.

The last time a kid told me I just laughed and told them it was bad because I loved them. They apologized afterwards and said they didn’t really hate me, they were just crazy.

Then we talk about how words hurt. It is important for children to communicate emotionally so that they can one day become emotionally stable adults.

Going back to a child just shows them that there is nothing to be disrespectful about. In order to create a

good and happy living environment for our children, we should care and talk to our children more, it may

also be because the mother is too negligent and careless to make the child feel isolated and needy

convinced. An honest opinion shared:

“This makes me so sad. Poor baby. 😢”

“My heart is broken for this child. I hope he will be able to grow up, seek counseling to heal and STOP this curse of generational dysfunction. Unfortunately his mother is not strong enough. /emotionally mature to do the same with it”.

“I feel so bad for this boy. She’s not a mother”

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