British Army looking for new assault rifles for new special operations brigade

Why doesn’t SAS use HK416? It is widely agreed to be the premier rifle for the modern armed forces and its large cost will not be too much of an issue for Special Air Service as it is a lot of money anyway. invested in them.
Recently, a video of the army armed with weapons and wearing bulletproof vests has attracted the attention of netizens, it is known that these soldiers are in a fighting position to suppress the resistance of the people.

So, according to the British military, SAS uses UCIW (Ultra Compact Personal Weapon) and C8 Carbine. Both are M4 style rifles but are probably more equivalent to the US Mk18 (I have a photo of myself with one below). SAS uses HK417 as its DMR platform.
There’s no real reason to switch rifles. The ones in use work almost the same and there are countless upgradeable parts available in the market. It would be financially redundant to create an entirely new procurement program for the same rifle. You have a powerful, reliable and efficient platform capable of delivering 5.56 ammo up to 550 yards away at a fairly high rate of fire.

Because we got the license from Steyr to build the AUG to our own specifications (like the F88 Austeyr and now the F90). Colt will not allow us to obtain a license from them to build the M16A2, M4 or any other AR-15/M16 version.

The 416 is a special weapon designed for a specific purpose from the start. It is intended to replace the old Colt M4/724 series that CAG/Delta is using for a sturdier, more reliable weapon that performs better in full automatic mode and is suppressed in operations. CQB motion. Its specs were given to HK by Delta and then it was picked up by other SOFs and the like. The system uses a heavier barrel than the older model M4 rifle, and it’s the right barrel mounted in a free-floating system. The rifle uses a short-stroke piston, the old AR-18 is derived from the old M1 carbine by Stoner.

It offers better durability and reliability when used with sound suppressors and in fully automatic high volume. The costs are weight and price. The trade-off is worth it for users with those specific needs.

The latest versions of the M4, including the C-8, are very reliable, accurate, lightweight direct-fire rifles with excellent ergonomics. Most professionals use single semi-automatic shots most often, saving full auto for rarer cases. Ammo is heavy and you can only carry so much, and resupply is a pain.

The British Army is known for providing well-trained soldiers with the worst possible equipment to prove they’re better by giving them that handicap. It’s no surprise that professionals in units with discretionary funds buy the AR C8 model instead of adopting the heavier and less handy SA80 as their primary rifle. It is an efficient choice that serves well.

I’m willing to bet that in the armory rooms at the boathouse in Hereford you’ll find some 416 uppers that fit directly into the C8 uppers for use as needed in demanding situations, in addition to fitting Standard assembly works well and gives better range for less weight.

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