Angels walk among us, which is wonderful.

The video was uploaded to social media by the host about the amazing actions of his neighbor.
When a neighbor saw her house showing signs of fire, she ran to knock on the door and woke her family up out of the house.
The first video we can see the flash of fire at first. The neighbor in the robe goes to sleep and tries to call on the family of the couple.

And when the door opens, she comes in and leads the family out, and she’s the one who comes out last to keep the kids safe.
when the video appeared on social media, it attracted the interest of many people, and it was because of that, many people left behind their shares of the hero’s actions.

Sincere people will think first about the safety of others rather than taking photos or videos just to earn more likes or views. Thank you for this wonderful woman!! God bless you and your family.

Just a moment. Not only did she wake them up, but she walked into a burning house to get them.
Wake them up in her robe, go into the house while it’s burning, the last one out to tell them… “It’s okay! You can come to my house! “May God bless her beyond measure.

She’s not your neighbor… she’s your hard ass guardian angel! You’re not going anywhere.
In her robe and her slippers, she kept them all!! No hero doesn’t wear a cloak.
She made sure it was all fine and she was the last one out !!
That mother bear went right in there to make sure they were all safe. She was a wonderful person. We should all have and become angelic neighbors like her. ♥️

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