An outrageous performance by the online community?

The video is about a female singer performing on stage, who will have nothing to say or comment on as controversial as she wears an overly sexy suit and some sensitive action.

Every move of bending and stroking her body in sensitive parts, the clothes she wore were even judged as an internal medicine, she even lay down on the stage to perform.
This image was fiercely resentful of the netizens, and they thought it was a shame to do so, and she could use herself to entertain the audience, worsening the good image of true artists. True artists, they use their talents to conquer the audience. Besides, not many people borrow the title of artist to worsen the image.
the image is beautiful, so it has a bad look, an unsympathetic look of the audience to the individual in particular as well as the artist in general.

After the incident, did the girl see her own mistakes or continue to do so in subsequent performances?

The uploaded video has all received negative feedback, specific criticism such as:

“so feeling urself up is the way to entertain now, and ozzy osborne was bad, lol”
“Roll model?”
“Oh look a striper”
“Parents must be proud”

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